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Tapestry of today
One day, as I was walking though an old work place, I wandered into a strange store. Inside there were many long seats that were connected to tables. The whole assembly resembled the tables and benches one would see in French schools. But the people sitting on these benches were not writing! They worked with wire of many colors and wove splendid tables! I had just discovered weaving with looms and tapestry. For many years I could not stop thinking about these machines and how odd they were. I even dreamed of these tables. Until one day, I had a “divine idea" that should have come to me at the very beginning… “Perhaps I should make something similar!" Here I present to you the latest fruits of this “divine idea".
Sol lucet omnibus 70 x 50 cm
Brocéliande 60 x 60 cm
Portail 105 x 200 cm